Olivet Mission is seeking sponsors (individuals, businesses, organizations) for our Holiday Adopt-a-Family Programs.  The people we serve struggle to provide the bare necessities for their families.  They are without the means to provide for any extras during the holidays.

You can make Christmas brighter for them.  You can adopt one or more family and choose the size of family you wish to adopt.

Contact/Organization Information

Christmas Holiday Adoption

I/we would like to adopt a family for Christmas:

By agreeing to adopt a family, you agree to purchase and wrap at least two gifts for each child. You will be provided with the the names, age, gender, size and some gift ideas for those you are helping. If you wish to deliver the gifts, you will be provided with an address and phone number.
Yes, I/we agree.

Please indicate the number of families you wish to sponsor for Christmas:
012345 or more

If "5 or more" above, how many families specifically ?

Please indicate the size of the the family or families you wish to sponsor for Christmas:
0family with 1-2 childrenfamily with 3- 5 childrenfamily with 6 or more children

Regarding delivery of your gifts: